About Us

Camperfected Family

This is my family.  I’m the planner, the motivator of all things outdoors.  These two come along willingly…mostly willingly.  I think a bad day outdoors is way better than any day stuck indoors.  I am by no means an expert in any thing, but I am all about learning and I hope to share some of this learning with you.

After being raised in Northern California fishing, camping and exploring, I took a hiatus from avid fishing, camping and exploring to go to college and work.  After my daughter was born I realized some of my most favorite memories were outside and so I brought camping, fishing and exploring back into our family lives.  Mr. Jeff (my better half) however, has never really done much of this but he is an excellent learner and pretty good sport.

Here I will share experiences, good and bad, please join us as we attempt to camperfected…