Adventures of Grand Canyon

Things have been such a whirl since spring break…I haven’t even had time to post our adventures from the Grand Canyon. First of all, I was a little disappointed that our new to us trailer wasn’t quite ready to go but then quickly got over it and used our good old fiberglass. Then of course it came and went without any documentation!

So here is the skinny:

We visited the South Rim as the North Rim was not yet open for the season. We stayed in the Mather Campground. It was conveniently located right in the heart of the village. We were able to ride our bikes everywhere! Which is nice when you consider that spring break is one the busier times of year. I don’t mind riding a shuttle, but to be able to ride your bike you eliminate your chances of sitting next to a stinky hiker on the ride home.



A few highlights:

Rim Trail:

This trail is a easy paved path in which you can take in the insane views of the canyon. It’s crowded but definitely worth it. I suggest hitting this early in the morning. I was fortunate enough have my husband with us this trip so I hit this trail early on a run one morning and enjoyed it virtually by myself.



Desert View Watch Tower:

We stopped here on our way into the Park. Kind of a must see first stop at the Park!

DSC_2840 DSC_2837 DSC_2830 DSC_2851


Kolb Studio:

If you are into art and photography this is not to be missed. The story behind the brothers and the work they have done photographing the Colorado River..well you just have to go and check it out.


Hermits Rest:

By far my favorite activity was riding our bikes along the 7 mile scenic drive out to Hermits Rest. The road is shut down to everything but shuttle bus traffic and there is approx. 3 miles of path you can jettison off the road to take in the grand canyon view. You can shuttle WITH your bike to any point along the trail. So if you are not inclined to huff it up the first major hill hop on the shuttle and ride to the point in which like. We started about half way and shuttled all the way home. BRING your lunch or snack because the “snack bar” is pretty limited and you won’t want to hurry back.

IMG_8328 IMG_8366



The Market at the South provides pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Don’t worry if you forget something…it’ll have it. The food everywhere else…is eh, blah. AND spendy. I guess if you are tired and hungry it’s acceptable but don’t have any expectations.