Fisher Towers Hike

Located north of Moab and East of Arches National Park, is one of my favorite hikes. It’s not a beginner hike, but worth the energy and effort.

Fisher Towers, Moab Utah

Fisher Towers is beautiful. The trail starts out a little ordinary but once you get in the mode of hiking, you are all of the sudden overwhelmed by red rock and the enormity of the it all.

Fisher Towers, UT

I could rewrite the trail description but it’s already been done so beautifully here:

Route Description: From the parking lot (please sign in at register box), the trail goes down a short set of steps and then runs to the left out onto a small slickrock-covered ridge. Follow the ridge away from the main cliffs until just after it narrows and then go left down into the ravine through a small cut on the left side of the ridge. From the bottom of the ravine, the trail heads steeply up and then begins to wind directly beneath the Fisher Towers. After swinging around the largest tower, The Titan, the trail ascends and ends on a ridge with a panoramic view. The Fisher Towers are composed of Moenkopi and Cutler sandstones, and have eroded into many fantastical shapes. Climbers occasionally scale these mudstone towers (be cautious of hiking directly below a climber!).- U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT


BTW, we did see climbers. It was insane. Insane to the point I couldn’t watch, made me nervous.


We saw younger families with lots of kids, I’m not sure I would brave this hike with toddlers who like to run. But, I’m a helicopter mom. Plus there are a number of drops and narrow pathways.


Climbing the Ladder, Fisher Towers

It was perfect for us. My cautious 7 year old was a pro. I’m pretty sure we made it to the end. We at least made it over 2 miles according to my strava reading. We kept walking and walking…then got tired. I didn’t see the end of the trail. It’s possible we made it. But since it’s an out and back, we weren’t convinced it was necessary to make it the end.

Side bar: I really like the accuracy and functions of the app, Strava. Check it out here:


Make sure you bring plenty of water. It can get very hot during the hike. The location is remote and while there are bathrooms, I don’t remember water fountains.

It’s located off highway 128, then just over 2 miles down a dirt road. There’s a small parking lot that fill ups quickly. Overflow parking is available road side.

For directions and more information check out the link here: Fisher Towers

If you have a favorite hike, let us know!  We love hearing about it and possibly exploring it!