The ART of Distraction While Camping!

Camping with your kids can be a bit overwhelming at times. The key to my happiness is distraction! So when you need to set up camp, have a moment of peace or make dinner I’m sure to have some distractions ready…I’ve created a quick list for you.

5 things to do while camping

1. Art. This doesn’t have to be elaborate setup but we always bring our travel art bin. This includes some water colors, crayons, paper and brushes. Sounds messy. It’s not if you have the right set up.

Enjoying camper time

2. Junior Ranger. We go to the visitor center the first day of our visit. We mostly visit state and national parks. Junior ranger booklets are free and designed to be both educational and fun. As young as 4 years old can participate in some of these programs and the reward for completion is pretty cool too.
Junior Ranger
3. Treasure Hunts. This idea while not new came out necessity when our campsite became the hang out for all kids one trip. I created a hunt to get them out and exploring the campground. I’ve created a treasure hunt template here you can print out and take with you on your next trip, but it doesn’t need to be fancy…a piece of paper and list works on the fly too.

treasure Hunt & Draw

IMG_6146 copy

4. Mini board games. We love our Mini Uno set that we received as a gift many years ago. It’s the right size for little fingers. Travel games are a great distraction and take up little room.  Check out this Yahtzee National Parks Game.


5. Reading. We pick up all kinds of literature at information centers and visitors centers. Learning about the surrounding area is all part of the enjoyment of it. One of our favorite books is the National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide USA Centennial Edition: The Most Amazing Sights, Scenes, and Cool Activities from Coast to Coast!

IMG_0330 copy
I know we have a lot of savvy moms and dads out there…what are your favorite travel distractions?